LGC Season 4 - Recap

Thu 2nd Aug 2018 - 7:38am eSports Gaming Team

The Season 4 of LGC begun with a win against Outlawz. Unfortunately early in the season due to some issues we had a roster change and switched our Marksman Tranquil with Gamagotchi. Our team faced a few ups and downs and it was clear that the new change impacted the teams performance.


We brought Chrollo as our new coach, who tried to balance the team and create new strategies, after awhile we had once again roster changes for the role of Marksman Gamagotchi with Ardenein and for our Top, Bako with KingMagnus.




With so many forced changes during the season it was difficult for the team to keep up and although we had improvments in certain things, there wasn't enough time for the team to bond.


After 14 matches at the season 4 of LGC, with a score of 4-10, there was a three way tie between Team Refuse, Dawn of Stars and LuL esports. 


LuL esports forfeited and got the last place in the standings and after our match against Dawn of Stars for the ticket to the playoffs, we lost 1-2 in a best of 3 series, therefor ending our LGC Season 4 journey.


We will have to fight in the next season against the team that will come from the open qualifiers in order to keep our spot for LGC Season 5. Until then we will go back to the drawing board and try to improve and fix our mistakes in order to do a stronger comeback for the next season!


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Konstantinos Stasinos

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