Welcome Godshrekt & Kexas - Fortnite Roster

Sat 1st Dec 2018 - 12:20pm Gaming Team eSports

We are excited to announce you that we are expanding our Fortnite roster with 2 more additions to the team!


Meet our new players :


Lefteris "GODShrekt" Mystakidis is one of our two additions to the roster :

"Im 18 years old, from Greece. I've been playing Fortnite since Day 1 and recently started playing competitive"


Konstantinos "Kexas" Kexagias is our second addition :

"I am 19 years old from Greece and I've been playing under the nickname "Kexas" for a few years. I've been playing Fortnite for awhile and participated in many different tournaments."


Both players have tournament experience and we believe they will make a great addition to the team! All our players are from Greece & Cyprus allowing them for a more comfortable communication between one another.


Stay tuned in our social media to be updated regarding our teams participations and achievments. #Refuse2Lose



Konstantinos Stasinos

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