Team Refuse entering the League of Legends scene once again.

Sun 9th Aug 2015 - 6:15pm


We at Team Refuse are very excited to announce our new League of Legends roster. Joining us will be the team formerly known as 1Exitus, the first Iranian team to reach Challenger on the Ranked 5v5 ladder. After trying out several teams, we finally found a lineup that we would be glad to have represent the Team Refuse name. We will aim to compete in Challenger Series this year in Turkey, if the exception to allow the team to participate is granted by Riot Games.

The following line-up will represent Team Refuse:
 Alireza "Gheshy" Aghajanzadeh Gheshlaghy - Top Lane
 Babak "ChainReact" Hashemipour - Jungle
 Behzad "DevilNectar" Hashemipour - Mid Lane
 Shervin Radin "Radiniom" Mirzalouy - AD Carry
 Emad "Tabalooga" Hakimipour - Support 

Team Captain Shervin Radin "Radiniom" Mirzalouy statement:
"We proudly and officially anounce that we're now a part of Team Refuse. On behalf of our players we are glad to say that we hope our cooperation will last long. We are aiming to expand our team and improve in every possible way. As for now, we're going to focus mainly on getting into the Turkish CS/LCS. Our players will be streaming and communicating with the Esports community as well. We believe there are great achievements for us to accomplish with motivation and the community's support. We'll do our best to represent the brand and make everyone proud! We appreciate and thank you for your support!" 

Team Refuse Chief Gaming Officer Rick Wouda's statement:
"I'm really exited to announce 1Exitus as our League of Legends team. We've been searching for a team for quite a while but couldn't find anything as most of the teams decided to disband after the last split. This team is motivated, has the potential and the right attitude and mindset to become one of the biggest teams in their region. We hope that with the support of Team Refuse they will develop into a Challenger Series or even a LCS team. This would not be possible without the help of our sponsors Tesoro, Lenovo, Kinguin and Gunnar. Thanks for the support! Cya on the rift!" 

We are excited to support these great players, and hopefully you'll be supporting them along their journey as well! 

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