Tesoro Releases Sagitta Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse

Mon 2nd Nov 2015 - 9:48am eSports Sponsor

Our main sponsor, Tesoro has released his brand new Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse called Sagitta! The new RGB gaming mouse focused on FPS / RTS / MOBA games. The main features include RGB lighting, full programmability with Tesoro Shadow software and true ergonomics.


High Precision Strikes

Designed with fast paced games in mind, Sagitta Spectrum comes with one of the most advanced Pixart3310 sensors in the gaming industry. It allows for precise 130ips motion detection and accurate 30g acceleration, ensuring gamers that each mouse movement corresponding effectively on the screen.


Instant Execution

Tesoro Sagitta Spectrum features built-in 32bit ARM Cortex Processor to provide instant execution of each click and macro execution. This advanced processor allows for more sophisticated macro settings and changes of the mouse setting on-the-fly without delays due to data saving.


Additionally, the Sagitta Spectrum has ultra-high Polling Rate of 1000Hz, which forces the computer to instantaneously search for the input from users without any additional lag.


Full Control

Tesoro Sagitta Spectrum gives users full control over the mouse. With maximum true DPI of 5000, Sagitta Spectrum allows to adjust the resolution to any speed that is necessary to have an advantage in the game. With 512 KB built-in-memory, each of 6 keys is programmable and can perform various tasks depending on the macro setting.


In Addition, Sagitta comes in full Spectrum mode. It is equipped with RGB led lighting that can be adjusted using Tesoro Shadow Software, and comes with 3 LED effects: a loop, changing colors defined by users; a rainbow mode; and the Tesoro purple mode that change different shades of purple and gives the mouse special mysterious aura.


True Ergonomics

Tesoro had designed Tesoro Sagitta with gamers' comfort in mind, ensuring that the mouse is truly ergonomic and extremely comfortable. The position of the side and two additional buttons on the top are perfectly aligned to give easy access to quick press without any miss-clicks.



Tesoro Shadow is the newest software that puts a lot of weights on ease of use and functionality. Users can change key assignment and led on-the-fly and comes with two unique features: Cursor capture and instant recording.


Cursor capture allows gamers to automatically move the cursor to the specified position. For instance, it can be used in FPS gaming. With one press of the click, the cursor can move 180 degrees (adjusted by a gamer,) instantly facing backward.


Instant recording lets users set unique macro combination and key assignment without a need of software installed on the computer. Sagitta Spectrum will save the settings on the built-in memory.


High-quality construction

Sagitta Spectrum uses market leading micro switches made by Omron. Omron white switches allow for up to 10 million switches, making them very reliable. Additionally, Sagitta Spectrum comes with very high-quality plastic and rubber finishing, braided USB cable with gold connectors.



Sagitta Spectrum will be available worldwide from the middle of November with MSRP price of $ 59 / € 59.


For more information, please visit:



Nick Konstado

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  • It looks very similar with my mouse, but it lacks the precision and some other specifications, like the instant recording. I like very much the design of the mouse, because it has blue LED light and it's kind of unique.

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