Team Refuse LoL invited at Lan Masters Balkan tournament

Sun 16th Jul 2017 - 4:08pm eSports General Team

After our run at GameAthlon lan event and The League Greek Championship series our Gree League of Legend team got invited at Lan Masters. 

Lan Masters is a Balkan tournament organized by , the tournament will consist from 3 Invitational tournaments and one open. At the 3 invitational tournaments a total of 15 teams from 4 countries Greece , Serbia , Romania and Turkey will compete while the 4th will be open to everyone! 

Our team got invited at the #1 Greek Invitational tournament. At the #1 Invitational Cavaliers , Gamespace , Greek Regenesis esports , Jaguar , Panathinaikos AC esports ,Void Gaming and We Love Gaming also got invited. At the first match the team will play against Cavaliers at 17 JULY 2017 / 19:00 UTC +03:00 and you will be able to watch the matches live at :

The full bracket :

You can find more details regarding the tournament as well as the schedule at :



Konstantinos Stasinos

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