Team Refuse roster announcement for GLL Winter Split 2020

Mon 16th Nov 2020 - 3:11pm Gaming Team eSports
The time has come!
We are happy to present to you our roster for Greek Legends Winter Split 2020!
Toplane: Spiros “NorthenLights” Diavatis
Jungle: Vasilis ''Fame'' Amoiridis
Midlane: Vasilis ''Tsiperakos'' Lalas
Botlane: Stavros “Vaynedeta” Giannoulakis
Support: Giorgos ''Eshara'' Anastasopoulos
General Manager: Pavlos ''PavlozzZ'' Kefalonitis
Head Coach: Alexandros ''Leviathan'' Mamasoulas
Analyst : Vasilis “Bkarv” Karvelas
Dombai Sport Europe | #WTFast
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Site Admin

Team Refuse

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