Team Refuse and WTFast partner up!

Sun 9th Aug 2015 - 6:10pm Gaming


WTFast is the Gamers Private Network (GPN)! Founded in 2009 by a group of MMO gamers and technology professionals, WTFast is dedicated to delivering the best gaming connection and experience possible for all MMO Gamers! Based in Kelowna, Canada with an office in the San Francisco, Bay Area, WTFast serves an 800 million global user, MMO gaming community. WTFast now serves over 800 MMO games, with users on every continent and in virtually every country.

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Chief Gaming Officer Rick Wouda's statement:
I'm happy to announce the cooperation between Team Refuse and WTFast. Recently we announced our new League of Legends team and since 3 of their players ping atleast 150 to 200 we decided to search for help. We are more then happy that WTFast helped us with this matter and therefore we are looking forward to a long lasting cooperation between them and us. Right now the future looks good and it will only become better.

Marketing Officer Wesley Favro's statement:
WTFast is excited to be sponsoring Team Refuse. Our organization is dedicated to helping
improve the online connection experience for gamers and eSport competitors. We look forward
to supporting Team Refuse in their endeavors and wish them the best of luck in all competitions
in the future.




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