Team Refuse enters ''Heroes of the Storm''

Sun 18th Oct 2015 - 9:11pm Team Gaming eSports


Team Refuse is ready to dominate the epic world of Heroes of the Storm.

This relatively new MMO/RTS game of Blizzard has fascinated millions of gamers around the Globe this past year.
Of course, here in Team Refuse we were immediately interested in participating in the Global Competitive stage of Heroes of the Storm. After a lot of search we managed to find and organize a group of five young people from Korea, that will be part of our new ''HotS'' Team. It is significant to emphasize that Team Refuse is proudly expanding its wings with the first Team from the region of Asia.

Team Refuse ''HotS'' line-up:

Nam Woo ''포로/Poro" Seok - All Arounder

Kim Young ''Pelka'' Hyun - Tank

Yun Jeong ''Crazyfouryou'' Pil - Support

Ju Se ''현기증/Dizziness'' Hawn - AD Carry

Jeong Seong ''RaGNaRoK'' Beom - All Arounder 


Team's Captain and Manager Nam Woo ''포로/Poro" Seok statement:

We are really happy and glad to enter Team Refuse. As we receive this great honor of the Team Refuse ''battle-tag'', we promise to try and add to the glory of the Team. We will focus on creating a ''HotS'' team that all gamers will easily recall. Furthermore we are focused on finding our way to the next year's Blizzcon by creating a good, functional and skilled team that will hopefully become one of the best.

Team Refuse Chief Gaming Officer Rick Wouda's statement:

I'm happy to announce that, as of today, Team Refuse will be entering the Heroes of The Storm scene. We recently have been in touch with a team from Korea and decided to start cooperating with them. The team will be trying to qualify for the Community Open Tournament in Seoul, South Korea. We want to thank our sponsors; Tesoro, Lenovo, Kinguin, Gunnar, WTFast, Dombai and Fragnet for their support. Without them this would be never possible.


Here is our player's Twitter Nicknames, so you can follow them and be always up to date on their activities:     


Also we give you the Twitch TV Stream Links of our players so you can watch their games:


Our team's first live appearence will be this week, on the 22nd. The team will participate in the round of 16 at HCOT - Season 2 on Seoul.  The team is aiming to win their match in order to quallify in Group Stage and compete for the price of 12.600$. More info at

We wish to thank the old as well as the new fans and friends for supporting us on our journey, constantly aiming to higher goals. Additionaly, we would like to send our thanks to the administration of Team Refuse (especially Nick) and  to our partners: Tesoro, Lenovo Kinguin and GUNNAR Optiks.






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