WTFast Giveaway 5 Premium Keys

Wed 21st Oct 2015 - 6:13pm Sponsor Gaming eSports

We at Team Refuse alongside our partner WTFast, will run a Giveaway during one week, where people will get the chance to win 5 WTFast Premium Keys.

How you can participate in our Giveaway? Follow all the steps required at link below in order to win!

Giveaway :

The giveaway is Global and anyone can participate. Wish you all good luck.

WTFast organization is a platform with “Gamers Private Network” (GPN). Their main objective is to assure a stable internet connection between an online connected gaming player and the origin of the server. As example: you can play an online tournament in US, while being in Europe without having high ping and FPS lost. Keep in mind that WTFast doesn’t increase your internet speed connection. So if you have a low speed internet connection, it would not change the gameplay experience trough the GPN.

How WTFast Works 



Cordulean Radu Stefan

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