Team Refuse unveil our new sponsor - EarthCroc!

Thu 5th Nov 2015 - 9:50pm Sponsor Gaming eSports

It is at this very moment that we announce a new sponsor for the new season. At Team Refuse we play a lot of hours and sometimes this might get uncomfortable, however with this new sponsors we’ll be a hundred percent sure that we can keep going. We are happy to announce that we will be cooperating with EarthCroc is no stranger in the eSports scene since they do sponsor some top-streamers at twitch right now. EartCroc and Team Refuse will be releasing a Team Refuse Chair with our team colors as well logo. Soon you will also be able to buy their products with a discount via Team Refuse's wehsbhop. This feature is set, but not online as of yet.

Team Refuse Chief Gaming Officer Rick ´Rickkyy” Wouda said:
I’m extremely happy to announce EarthCroc as our official sponsor. Team Refuse’s players sometimes play up to 10 hours and therefore its extremely important that they have a good designed chair which gives them the comfort to perform to their best without having issue’s with their backs. EarthCroc and Team Refuse will be designing a chair which will be presented to you shortly. We’re hoping for a long lasting cooperation with Earthcroc.

EarthCroc Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel Merody said:
We at EarthCroc are excited to be sponsoring Team-Refuse who we believe show passion and dedication towards gaming that will allow them to ferociously succeed and with haste. It is very important that we help Team-Refuse's players by giving each one their very own customised gaming chair so that they can excel at what they do best. Game on.

In the upcoming weeks Earthcroc and Team Refuse will be presenting you the Team Refuse gaming chair sponsored by Earthcroc. Untill that time you can order your own chair at Earthcroc's website with a 5% discount using the "REFUSE" code. 

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