Plonsk eSport Challenge Recap

Wed 10th Feb 2016 - 12:43pm Team Gaming eSports

Last weekend our CSGO Squad has attended Plonsk eSport Challenge Winter edition in order to participate under Team Refuse banner to the Lan Finals. Our players has set one goal only and that was to get the 1st place which eventually happened! They have been named Champions and received a nice cheque of 2500$ + gear!

The first day of the lan we have only one match at Quarter Finals against Polish noMercy. noMercy wasn't an unknown enemy for us as we have faced them multiple times in officials matches and most of them we have came victorius. Of course our players was fully focused in order to secure our first win and proceed to Semis. Eventually after we lost the first map at Inferno which as players admitted after was the first time they played this map all together, players have put a great effort on the remaining two maps and bring the series to 2-1 for Refuse. That was the end of first day of the lan and found us very happy which qualified to Semis.

The second day of the event found us to waiting our next opponent which will be the winner of the match between Proskilled.White vs CSGONEWWILD and that was Proskilled.White. Our players feeled very confident for their superiority against Proskilled.White and this followed by a 2-0 score. Highlight of the match was the No Scope ACE of  Sebastian "Neex" Trela!

Now we was 1 step away from the trophy and our opponent in Grand Final was Czech Neophyte which has put great performances in entire event. The Final has started with the presentation of the teams by eSport Challenge organisers and the format was decided to be BO5. The maps which chosen was Mirage, Cache, Inferno, Train and tiebraker Cobblestone. Mirage has picked by Neophyte as their map and from the start we see that will have problems on it. We found ourselves to be below 12-4 when we switch sides. Then our players transformed to beasts and won 10 rounds in a raw. This great performance break our opponents economy and mentality and eventually we ended to won their map by 16-14!

Next map was our picked choise, Cache. We didnt really found any problem and  Paweł "Reatz" Jańczak carry the whole team to victory with his exceptional performance. The score ended with 16-11. Now we where just one map far from the trophy. Inferno was the 3rd map and our weak point. Was the only map we have lost so far in the entire tournament and players needed to put a big effort in order to overcome the lack of training on this map. Somehow this happened and we found ourselves to have the lead in the tough side with 9-6. Thos was the crucial point and the team manage to secure the win by 16-9 at the end and named Champions of Plonsk eSport Challenge Winter edition with 3-0 against Neophyte!

The ceremony has started after we congratulated our opponents and our players got received the nice cheque from eSport Challenge organisers as well as great products by event sponsors.  Michał "Mono" Gabszewicz has got the MVP Award of the Finals and all our players was so happy for securing this great win for Team Refuse. After we stay in order to make the typical team pictures and give interviews! 

Lastly we would like to thank our sponsors and partners for assisting us all this time Tesoro, Lenovo, EarthCrocG2A, Gunnar, WTFast, Dombai and last but not least and we are sure that our CSGO team make them proud! Next lan appearence of our team will come shortly and will be at Cracow eSports Festival 18-21 February with the goal to repeat our victory!


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