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Tue 23rd Feb 2016 - 11:08am Team Gaming eSports

Last weekend our CSGO Squad has attended another lan event at Poland and that was Cracow Gamespot. After our last win at Esport Challenge our team considered to be amongst favorites for this lan. Of course this shouldn't be eay as we have change one player 3 days before the lan event and we are all worrying about the team synergy and communication! Eventually all runned smoothly and Team Refuse doubled their lan wins over February and named Champions of Cracow Gamespot. Moreover they have received a nice cheque of 1000$ + gear!

The first day of the event we had to play our Group matches in order to qualify for playoffs. Our team has placed at Group C which we realized during event that one team couldn't manage to attend, so we was 3 teams only. This made our way to playoffs easier as we wanted only two wins in our upcoming matches and this happened quite easily as you can see below the results.

Lp. Nazwa Mecze Punkty Wygrane Remisy Przegrane
1 Team Refuse 2 6 2 0 0
2 teampronto 2 3 1 0 1
3 ejuhC 2 0 0 0 2


Mecze grupy
Data spotkania Mecz Mapy Wyniki Stream
19 lutego 2016 19:00:00 Team Refuse vs teampronto de_cache 16:3
19 lutego 2016 20:00:00 teampronto vs ejuhC de_overpass 16:9
19 lutego 2016 21:20:00 ejuhC vs Team Refuse de_mirage 2:16


At Saturday we have only one match to play at Quarter Finals against ATB Gaming so we took the chance to spend our morning by making a professional photoshooting in a studio at Cracow. The pictures we took was amazing and we would like to thank NW Studio and the photographer Richie for the amazing pictures.

After photoshoot we arrived to the event in order to play our Quarter Finals game against ATB Gaming. It was a BO3 match and we quickly end the series by 2-0!

ATB-Gaming vs Team Refuse de_cache 4:16 - de_mirage 9:16

And finally we entered the last day of the event. We was on semis against Proskilled.White in a BO3 format. Our first map was de_cache which we have won it with 16-13. Next map Mirage and the score ended 16-10 for Refuse! Thats it we was on Finals waiting our opponents.

And that was Clanless (ex Imperial Dragons). We started our warmup and after some hour we was ready to fight against a quite powerfull team so far to the event.

The first map was dust2 and was choise of Clanless. And seems quite good choise from them as they seems more persistent and manage to take the win with 16-13. With our back on wall as we need to win our next map in order to tie the series, we choose mirage as our map. The whole game was close and both teams goinf round by round. We could get any real advantage on rounds but at the end we won the game with 16-14 and players was so happy for that. And somehow we netered the last map which will unveiled the Champion of the lan. Thta was cache and based to the previous maps we was ready for another close fight vs Clanless which seems to be in a very good day.

Somehow then our players step up and saw their real skills and individual talents in last map wihtout let anyone doubt for it. They manage to weon the game 16-1 and went victorious in another Lan at Poland!\


Lastly we would like to thank our sponsors and partners for assisting us all this time Tesoro, Lenovo, EarthCrocG2A, Gunnar, WTFast, Dombai and last but not least and we are sure that our CSGO team make them proud! 

 Refuse To Lose!

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