Team Refuse LoL Won ESL Polish Championship.

Mon 3rd Oct 2016 - 5:50pm Team Gaming eSports

Team Refuse League of Legends squad compete this weekend at ESL Polish Championship Finals which took place at Atlas Arena, Lodz and manage to crowed Champions after won at Final KMT with 2-0. In addition to the price of 5000$ we got from ESL Polska we have also qualified for 2017 EUCS Winter Qualifier!

Our Team has started the games at Semi Finals against Amazing Team and manage to won them with 2-1.

Game # 1:
Amazing Team Rumble, Skarner, Vladimir, Sivir, Karma
Team Refuse: Gnar, Rek'Sai, Syndr, Ezreal, Tahm Kench

Our Jungler, Tanky give much attention to our Bot Lane and provide an early advantage to our team through his gangs. At 17th minute, we won a teamfight and then reached the dragon, increasing our lead in gold. A few moments later an error of our team gave Amazing Team an reason to cheer. When it seemed that we lose our lead, we remain calm and took any opportunity arrised by our opponents and finally won after 27 minutes.

Game # 2:
Amazing Team: Kennen, Hecarim, LeBlanc, Caitlyn, Nami
Team Refuse: Rumble, Skarner, Karma, Ezreal, Thresh

The second game from the beginning was quite chaotic. Both teams share each other kills, but none of them won a clear advantage. Even after teamfight at 18th minute, which killed several players of both teams, neither won advantage. In the end, Amazing Team took the control of the match and keep it until the end and won. Leading to a tie.

Game # 3:

Amazing Team: Kennen, Hecarim, Karma, Sivir, Braum

Team Refuse: Gnar, Elise, Cassiopeia, Ezreal, Nami

Too aggressive plays by Amazing Team before the 10th minute turned against then and we got a small advantage. Early failures clearly undercut the wings of opponents and since then Refuse had to do only one thing - constantly increase their advantage. Our entire gameplan worked perfectly, and we manage to won match ended after 32 minutes and advance to Grand Final.

The Grand Final was about to begin and Team Refuse had to face a very hard opponent which considered favorites to won the event, KMT. Our players with their morale boosted after qualified to final have to do only one thing. Show which team is better and manage to do it in style with a clear sweep 2-0!

Game # 1:

Team Refuse: Kennen, Elise, Jayce, Caitlyn, Alistar
Kiedyś Miałem: Rumble, Lee Sin, Vel'Koz, Ezreal, Nami

WFrom the begining both teams started quite even, but it eventually began to gain a small advantage against opponents. Our good rotations allowed to gain some really important kills. Sebekx playing Jayce battered opponents, which allowed his team to the destruction of the towers. Refuse few minutes later, again decided to take Nashor but Tabasko at the last minute stole it, giving KMT chances to win in the first map. This was the crucial point which our team needed to be patient and wait to end Baron's boost. After that we had a lot of problems with finishing opponents, but ultimately we manage to get the win and had 1 map advantage at Finals.

Game # 2:
Kiedyś Miałem: Ekko, Graves, Karma, Ezreal, Nami
Team Refuse: Kennen, Elise, Viktor, Ashe, Braum

Team Refuse dominated in the early stages of the game. Our advantage continue to grow minute by minute and Overpow and his colleagues seemed to strugle with this. Of course they will not given any easy win to us even when the Nexus of KMT had no longer towers! Somehow was able to win teamfights against Refuse and defend themselves against failure. In the final minutes of the game a trully brilliant decision made from our players! KMT decided to attack the Baron, but at the same time Refuse attempted to destroy the Nexus, which ended successfully!

The Final Placements of the event :
Team Refuse - 20 000 PLN + 2017 EUCS Winter Qualifier!
Kiedyś Miałem - 12 000 PLN
Overused - 8 000 PLN
Amazing Team - 6 000 PLN

We would like to thank our players for this amazing success, named ESL Champions of Poland with Refuse banners we are sure that teh future will be great. Also congratulations to all teams and to the organisers for this amazing event at Atlas Arena.


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