Dreamhack Austin Recap

Sat 13th May 2017 - 11:00am Team Gaming eSports

Dreamhack Austin in Texas is over and this was our first ever official event of our new Heartstone team and we are quite happy with that!

Impact, Luffy and Twisted found themselves in the heart of downtown Austin one day before event starts. They found many exciting locations such as bars on 6th Street, incredible barbecue restaurants and a lot of chicken wings!

For the tournament itself, Impact did well on day 1- finishing with a 5-1 record and unfortunately meeting his end on day 2. Luffy and Twisted both met early ends to their runs due to some unfortunate pairings and found themselves running short on luck. We will see more from them next time in upcoming Dreamhacks!

However, not all is bad, Twisted managed to win the side event, taking down several other pro players such as RDU and APXVoid and winning $700! He performed excellent and we are very proud of him and the hard work he's done.


Here are some pictures our players took at the event!

These are the decks our players used for the main event:


These are also the decks our players used for the side event:

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