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Tue 25th Aug 2015 - 2:08pm Team Sponsor General Gaming eSports


We at Team Refuse are happy to present you the new website. Over the past few weeks a lot of changes happend inside as well around the organization but the biggest chance which will be noticed by the followers and supporters will be this brand new website. 

The new website holds features such as downloads, reviews and a forum. Due this new features we have gained ourselves the acces to share our configs with our followers and supporters. Also we are available to answer your questions which you can state in the forums. Always wanted to ask that one question towards one of our players? - Then you're lucky, because as of today you're able to do that.

In the upcoming weeks we will also add the shop at the website. We will be selling products from our sponsors there. Are you interested in a product but you ain't sure enough about how good it really is? No problem, visit the review sections. This section will contain information about the products we sell at our webshop. The reviews are written by our players and our players expect the best.

 Nick "Airnborner" Konstado founder of Team Refuse said:
"We at Team Refuse are proud to present our brand new website which will be our new home from now on. As always, we wanted to provide you as fan, support or follower with an interactive experience. We strongly believe that the new website from Team Refuse will keep you updated as well happy."

Furthermore we at Team Refuse like to give out a massive "Thank you" to all our supporters, followers and fans. The love and support we receive from you is really appreciated and keeps us going everyday. Therefore we will be doing something back for the community soon. 

We at Team Refuse also would like to thank our partners and sponsors. Without them Team Refuse would never be this big and we would've never accomplished what we have accomplished right now. 

We are Team Refuse and we refuse to lose!





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