Team Refuse at Dreamhack PGL Winter Tavern Tales 2015

Wed 28th Oct 2015 - 9:20pm Team General Gaming eSports

 Victor “Synthex” Nae is proudly representing Team Refuse at Dreamhack Cluj PGL Winter Tavern Tales 2015 in one of the most played online card games, made by Blizzard, Hearthstone. Synthex will have to defeat his fears, build up his strenght, have a clear mind-set and never to give up!

Statement from Synthex:

"I've been practicing and theorycrafting with a former rank 1 player from Greece, on the EU ladder. Playing everyday on ladder, fighting to reach top 20, this seazon. I have great expectations from Dreamhack, because it has a better organisation than the one from Bucharest and this will be a new experience for me, because i haven't been to Cluj in my life. I will do my best to win every game even if i have to lose to the RNG"

Groups and Info:

Synthex has been placed at Group 9 alongside Xixo, Strum & Sandro and his matches will start at 15:30  - 29th October local time.

Full Bracket Info :

PGL Winter Tavern Tales info:

- 128 open player slots

- 4 days tournament duration

- Total prize pool: 25,000 $

  1st place 10,000 $

  2nd place 5,000 $

  3rd place 1,000 $

Full Info :

Team Refuse will fully cover Dreamhack Cluj sending over our journalist, ''C.R.Stef'' which will follow our players games and many more!

So stay tuned and Refuse To Lose!



Cordulean Radu Stefan

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