Team Refuse unveils new “CS GO” squad

Wed 21st Oct 2015 - 5:47pm Team General Gaming eSports

Team Refuse is proudly announcing a “CS GO” new lineup that will represent the organization.

The new team is looking powerful, it is consisted of a mixture of “old school” players and young talent, and with this lineup, as they already proved to be successful as they won “Komplett Barcraft eXperience”, a LAN tournament in Oslo, Norway. During the tournament, they had no losses and managed to defeat Team Lions, one of the strongest teams, in the finals.


Team Refuse ''CS GO'' line-up:

 Håkon ''Hk0n" Kvande – Captain

 Erik ‘Truth’’ Hansen Dymes – Player

 Tommy 'Tomzey'' Weierød – Player

 Endre 'Phzer'' Løfstrand Solhaug – Player

 Lars ''K0na'' Engen Skadal - Player

 Bastian ‘’rawriez’’ Skjestad – Manager

 Tobias ''Mentossen'' Jørgensen – Co Manager


Team's Manager Bastian  ''rawriez" Skjestad statement:

We are very pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement with Team Refuse, resulting in what we hope will be a long-lasting and successful cooperation with said organization. Following our recent success in CEVO Main securing a spot in the play-offs and winning KBX (and approximately $5000 USD) in Oslo, we are very hopeful for our future as a team. We are now striving to establish ourselves internationally, which we, with help from Team Refuse, definitely consider a realistic goal. Knowing that such an outstanding organization was interested in supporting us instantly invigorated the motivation within the team significantly. We will initially prove our worth online, which eventually will be followed up by international LAN event attendance if everything goes as planned. We wish to thank all old as well as new fans and friends for supporting us on our journey towards new heights. Lastly, we would like to send our thanks in the direction of Team Refuse (especially Nick) in addition to their partners, namely, TesoroLenovoKinguin, GunnarWTFastDombai and Fragnet.


Here is our player's Twitter Nicknames, so you can follow them and be always up to date on their activities:


Here is our player's Facebook accounts, so you can follow them and be always up to date on their activities:


We are happy to welcome these guys under Team Refuse and wish them good luck representing us in the future.



Cordulean Radu Stefan

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