DAY 1 Dreamhack Cluj - Refuse.Synthex advance to next day!

Thu 29th Oct 2015 - 5:58pm Team General Gaming eSports


At 12 PM I’ve met with our Hearthstone player “Synthex”. We didn’t had a lot of time to talk because he had a lot to search on, because the hall is a big place, 3 levels and an underground parking, and we were a bit confused on how did the PGL Hearthstone Tournament had to begin. Moreover we had trouble with the cold weather from outside and finding a wardrobe area, that doesn’t exist. But this was not a big issue.

Starting from 3:30 PM, Synthex was playing Hearthstone in his group consisting of 3 players. His first match was difficult for Synthex because he was losing to the RNG of Hearthstone. His next match lasted a bit longer than expected. His opponent was missing from the event. After a long and stressful time, Synthex has gathered his strength, focused and won his second match, having a solid play. With the score of 1-1, he still had to play a 3rd match to advance in groups. Confident in himself, last match lasted only 30 minutes. His opponent was the same one from the 1st match, but who won? Guess what, Synthex beat his rival with a three win streak. Tomorrow he has another group to face, consisting of 4 players including him, and Synthex is ready to win big!

Moreover during the pregames time had the opportunity to meet some great big Hearthstone players and get some statements from them.

“NikoTheGreat”, from Team Arctic:

“Cluj is nice. It’s my third eSport event, this one being my second presence. I was unlucky on my first one."

I would add that he is a man of few words but with a friendly attitude.

“Sychry”, from Team eSuba:

“I advanced in my group today. I reached top 4, in “GFinity Summers Master”, a long time ago. Dreamhack has a good organization and a lot of friendly people."

He has a great attitude and fun to chat with.

Tommorow will be ready to fight for another day and hoping to advance once again. So stay tuned and dont forget to follow Team Refuse socials in order to be fully updated :

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So stay tuned and Refuse To Lose!




Cordulean Radu Stefan

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