DAY 2 Dreamhack Cluj! Refuse.Synthex fighting to the end.

Fri 30th Oct 2015 - 10:44am Team General Gaming eSports

Victor "Synthex" started playing Hearthstone in his upper group at 4 PM. His opponent has passed his group in the first day and now he is fighting to get out of the group stage. Winning from losers bracket, Synthex will have to battle with "deivmeister". Having a hard day in his first group, Synthex has been practicing and is going to be prepared for anything he will have to encounter. There is going to be a lot of pressure on his shoulders, but i'm confident he will succed, because he is a part of Team Refuse - to lose!

The first match in Synthex group was really fast. He won by taking 3 rounds in front of "Deivmeister". The next match was against "StanCifka", the former Dreamhack Bucharest Taver Tales Champion. The match was long, both players not depending too much on the RNG, but somehow StanCifka had a better draw depending deck and because of this fact, StanCifka won. Synthex went to the losers bracket having to face again, "Deivmeister", his last chance to advance in groups. Somehow Synthex's game was not on the same level as his first match. He had to struggle to win, but his opponent had better RNG and advanced further. Synthex couldn't believe it that he got eliminated, but he played really good and that was one of the most important things.


Pro Hearthstone players interviews:

 "Sychry": "Dreamhack's organisation is good. There are nice people here. I have seen a lot of beautiful girls here. I have played against Stancifka and Kruger. I advanced to the round  of 64. I made a lot of progress in the last 3 months, when i practiced for GFinity event. I was legendary 1st place in May, on the European ladder. At this eSport event i haven't  expected so many "control" warriors and "freze" mages. Also shoutout for Team-Refuse."



 "Mirrari": "I Had the time to visit the beautiful church in downtown Cluj that's really impressive to see all colourful lights. Dreamhack is a pretty good event. There are good players,  good local players like "StanCifka", "Rdu". In the first day i was lucky to get into a group consisting of 3 players, because I only had to win one match.The RNG from Hearthstone is fine,  I mean you do have a chance to redeem yourself. You can lose 3 times and still advance. Trough all my achievements, my biggest one should be 2nd place at SeatStory Cup II."



 "Kufdon": "I think the event is very good. I wanted some lounge where i could stay, but i don't have complaints. I played on the first  day of Dreamhack, in a crazy Hearthstone group.  I passed it being 2nd on the group, because the games were intense and hard to win. There are good players at the event, a few randoms, not bad, but i think i will make it trough.  Shoutout to my teammates!"



Although our player Synthex didnt manage to qualify for tommorow, our coverage will be continued in the next couple of days. May the best Hearthstone player win the tournament.

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So stay tuned and Refuse To Lose!





Cordulean Radu Stefan

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