DAY 3 Dreamhack Cluj

Sat 31st Oct 2015 - 11:36am Team General Gaming eSports

On the third day of Dreamhack, people have come from work, school to watch Hearthstone PGL Tavern Tales round of 32 and the rounds of 16. They also came for the quarterfinals of the Major CS GO event. Moreover, if you are here at Dreamhack beside gaming, surely you have seen some girls and boys in cosplay such as, Hitman, Ghost from CoD, Scorpion from MKB, champions from League of Legends and many more.

Regarding the Hearthstone event, a lot of players have been eliminated and more skillful players left. One of the favorites of winning the tournament, as i heard, is Ekop. He is playing on a constant level and is beating almost every player he faced. One of Team's Refuse former player Logan has also played at Dreamhack Cluj, but sadly, he didn't qualify too far from the round of 128. Gnimsh and Forsen are casting, beside a Hearthstone player, the hole tournament starting from day 1. They have also had on the couch former cosplay jury from Europe and a lot of interesting people. I didn't really had a chance to talk with them, but they are looking fine while casting, here at Dreamhack.

Hearthstone PGL Winter Tavern tales stream:

Hearthstone players statements:


"The event is looking really good, amazing area. Regarding the Hearthstone event, is that it has players that use too many draw depending decks. At the moment, the best mulligan wins the game. I have seen a lot of Paladin and Druid decks. I have participated in several other events, but Dreamhack is one of the most competitive tournament of the year. In my opinion StanCifka and Ekop are going to win. Shoutout to my team, Void Gaming."





"In my opinion this event needed a lounge area to watch Hearthstone. A lot of good players have come to play at Dreamhack PGL Winter Tavern Tales. My first day was really long, my matches had a long duration and they were really hard to win. I am happy to be gere. Shoutout to my team, Team Arctic."


Till the end of the day, there is a great atmosphere that's around the "Polyvalent" hall in Cluj. Tomorrow will be the finals for all the competitive games and cosplay. May the best of the best win!


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So stay tuned and Refuse To Lose!



Cordulean Radu Stefan

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