DAY 4 Dreamhack Cluj - Final day!

Sun 1st Nov 2015 - 12:10pm Team General Gaming eSports

In the final day at Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca, Hearthstone, CS GO and cosplay events have been the main attraction for all the spectators that had the opportunity to be present, live or watching it on the inthernet.

One of the most surprinsing, but not unexpected, was the Hearthstone Winter Tavern final. But until the finals, there have been a lot of fast matches, between romanian and foreigners, that had some interesting strategies and a good luck with the RNG. Some of the most known players that participated at the event, Ekop, Hoej, didn't got the opportunity to reach the semi-finals, being eliminated at the round of 8. Ekop, from Cloud 9, was one of the favorites to win the tournament, but he sadly lost in the face of Modernleaper, an english player that, in my opinion, had a huge progress on his playstyle, at Dreamhack. Moreover, the players that have fought for the prize of 10,000 $, have been playing great. They brought their "A" game and every round of the final match was entertaining, and a bit unexpected. I want to say that they had similar decks, but the deck cards were all different. The decks that have battled in the finals were, Druid, Warlock, Hunter and Mage. Each player had to win once, with the selected decks. One romanian player versus one from Cezh Republic, fought with all their strenght to get the first place, but somehow, the luckiest one, took the match. The final score was 3:2. But who won? You can check the last tournament's bracket here. I would like to add that both of them were doing great, but somehow one of them was more succesful.

Fun fact: If you were watching the Hearthstone stream, you could hear the bomb explosion from the main stage hall.

Hearthstone players statement:


"Being the first time in Cluj, i would like to say that it's nicer than Bucharest. Ate a lot of good food. The event had a lot of great players and good organisation. On the first day, i have played versus Ekop's girlfriend, the only girl that played at the event. It was a hard match, but there were other good players that i had to face. My groups were really hard to pass, but in the end, i didn't reach too far. At the event i saw a lot of freeze Mages and agro decks. Regarding the newest patch, I would like to say that there are good and bad cards. As a former poker play, I would say that i lost to the RNG, but it doesn't have a very large impact on the game. Shoutout to my team NextPlease, manager, colleagues and sponsors. Also i would thank my friends for trusting in me."






"Cluj is a nice city. It has great food and the event had cool games. I am a bit dissapointed about the Hearthstone finals, because of the big prize pool. I have met here a lot of good players like superJJ, surprised about romanian players playing poorly, and that Xixo got eliminated form the tournament. I have seen a lot of non-Paladic decks with a lot of secrets, which did really good. Patreon mid range Warrior, that Hoej played with it. Also a lot of freeze Mages, control decks and a lot of mind game matches. I haven't seen too many RNG depending decks, because they don't really have a big effect. Shoutout especially to my team. Looking forward for the next Dreamhack."


Extra Question: Should Mysterious Challenger have the Joust mechanic?

"I don't think so. His stats should be reduced from 6-6 to 5-4 if nerf is needed."

Moving to the Major Counter Strike Global Offensive tournament, all the professional teams have fought their best to get into the finals, but only the strongest had prevail and took home the cup, winning the prize of 20,000 $. A lot of people have been dissapointed regarding some teams that didn't reach the finals, but in the end, only the teams that trained the most, did. Can't say which teams did their best, but a lot of professional players went home unsatisfied. In concusion, they all have put their strenght and focus to play the best possible game they can. As results, a lot of people happy because of the bomb explosion sound and light effects, but not too happy with the players experience.

On the 1st of November the Dreamhack Cluj event has ended and most of the participants are going to the after party. I hope they had a great time in Cluj-Napoca and wish they come back at the next Dreamhack.



Cordulean Radu Stefan

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