Team Refuse proudly presents Smite line up

Sat 23rd Jan 2016 - 4:28pm Team General Gaming eSports

Team Refuse proudly presents a new Line up which will represent Team Refuse at “Smite”.

The team is a mix up of coming talent and veteran players. The team which was formly known as Torch Gaming, will be aiming to enter the NA Challenger Series. They have been climbing the ladder for a long time and are at the moment trying to enter the qualifers for the Challenger series.


The Lineup:

Alex "OneGlance" Liu – AD Carry / Captain

Nikita "VVhytry" Sanders – Mid lane

Matthew "Mortbklyn" Mort - Support

Garrett "Aquas" Layne – Jungle

Mat "Copebby" Irish – Solo lane


Chief Gaming Officer Chris “Agratah” Hammerum

We have been following the Smite scene for a very long time and decided now was the time to move. While searching for teams, we found Torch Gaming to be the best match for our combined wishes. By combining veteran players with new upcoming talent, they have the quality of the challenger series. Thanks to Tesoro, Lenovo, EarthCroc,G2A, Gunnar, WTFast, Dombai and last but not least for the amazing support to the organization and teams.

Team Refuse Smite Captain Alex "OneGlance" Liu

"Formerly known as Torch, we are eager to partner with Team Refuse. We expect great progress and plan to work together in moving forward in our goals. We are honored for this opportunity and will make the most of it. Thanks to all who have supported us thusfar and please continue to support us under the banner Team Refuse."




Chris Hammerum

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