Refuse Placed 2nd at WCA Lan on Gamescom.

Thu 25th Aug 2016 - 1:23pm Team General Gaming eSports

Gamescom 2016 is over and also the invited lan event of World Cyber Arena and Gameshow Media which our League of Legends team took the 2nd place on it as well a cheque of 4.500$

Our team has started his games on Saturday against Gameplay.DNA and managed to won it and proceed to the next round which was going to face Sector One. Thewinner of this game will get the spot of Sunday's Grand Final. Unfortunately our team haven't played as we all expected and lost. This put us in the loser bracket which will waiting our opponent from the game of Gameplay.DNA vs Sensei.

Finally our opponent at Loser Bracket was again Gameplay.DNA and our players was very confident for their superiority against them. This of course has to be shown in game and our players grab the chance and won the series with 2-0 and qualified to Sunday Grand Final against Sector One. 

Sunday came and both teams was prepared for an epic Final in front of a big audience at Gamescom. Team Refuse vs Sector One in a BO3 Series! The first game started but wasn't the best for us and ended soon with a win for opponents. Now we had to step up for upcoming game and tie the series. Our players entered the 2nd game with an aggressive tactic and with some early kills managed to get infront in game. This gave us the opportunity to finish it soon and secure the win. That happened and the series tied to 1-1. Last game will decide which team will be the WCA Gamescom 2016 Champion. Apparently our decision to invest in champions which are strong in late game didn't succeed. Our opponents put an early pressure on us which lead to some fast kills at bottom lane. This was the key of the game and we couldn't overcome their lead and lost. Sector One won the series.

The final placements of the event was :

  1. Sector One - 7500$
  2. Team Refuse - 4500$
  3. Gameplay.DNA - 1250$
  4. Sensei - 750$


We would like to thank our players for their first ever appearence under Refuse banners in an lan event and we are sure that in future will have greater results. Also congratulations to all teams and to the organisers for this amazing event at Gamescom.



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