Refuse introduce his Hearthstone Squad for 2017!

Wed 5th Apr 2017 - 2:26pm General Gaming Team eSports

Team Refuse are proud to welcome three new additions to the Hearthstone team.

Since the release of Hearthstone, Team Refuse always support the game with great players which competed in most notable events all this years. For 2017 we had took the decision to invest even more and combined with the increased number of Major events within North America we decide to bring on board a very strong and well known squad of NA based players plus to extend the contract of our Greek player as well.

All three players are located in Canada and have an impressive and strong background in their careers, that fits the needs of Team Refuse.  

Without further ado the new lineup is:





Let’s meet the new players :

♦ Joshua “Impact” Graham is a long-time professional Hearthstone player. One of the highest ranked players in North America and WESG Canadian Champion of Hearthstone, he has shown time and time again that he is one of the most consistent online tournament players. He is very well known for his innovative deck building and consistent high ladder finishes. We are looking forward to seeing how he performs at major LANs such as the Dreamhack Grand Prix Circuit in 2017.

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♦ James "Twisted" Neumann has been playing hearthstone since the beta and prior to that was a professional Yugioh player. He had tremendous success in tournaments, qualifying him for the stage 2 Blizzcon qualifiers. He took a break from the competitive scene and became a full time coach. Now he's back to play competitive again! Twisted is looking to make a strong debut at the next Dreamhack in Austin , Texas!

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♦ Justin "Luffy" Dizzazo is a professional Hearthstone player who's roots stem from the beta. One of the early top legend players, he transitioned over to tournaments where he gained a lot of reputation being #1 in the ESL Hearthstone leaderboards for over a year. He has yet to participate in a major LAN but such online experience can't be ignored. We look forward to seeing what Luffy can bring to our organization.



♦ George"Marzito" Marselos is a professional Greek Hearthstone player, he has extensive tournament experience from Dreamhacks to European Open Cups. He has been a strong contestant ever since the early stages of the game and is now ready for his biggest career step considering his squad’s Lineup on Team Refuse!

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 We are lookig forward to have a great cooperation with our new team and we can't wait to see them in action at the first out of many lans at Dreamhack in Austin , Texas!


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