Team Refuse partners up with G2A

Mon 16th Nov 2015 - 4:21pm Sponsor

Team Refuse recently started streaming a lot more and therefore we decided to partner up with a company which does something back for our loyal fans and supporters. We have been in touch with this company ever since Gamescom and after various talks we decided to start cooperation.

The company we’re talking about is the absolute top in selling cd-keys online and I already hear you thinking but you’re right. Its no other company than G2A. G2A has been sponsoring numerous teams in the past and recently G2A and Team Refuse decided to partner up. This will mean that we are able to give-away some heavy discount cards every month! Also G2A has set up a special code which gives you another 3% off your cd-key purchases.

Chief Gaming Officer Rick “Rickkyy” Wouda said:
We have been talking to G2A even before Gamescom started, we had some good talks regarding our cooperation and what we could offer each other and came to the conclusion that it would be benefit parties. G2A is no stranger in the eSports scene and they are growing extremely fast. I’m happy to say in name of Team Refuse that we are happy to cooperate with such a well-respected company and we’re hoping for a long lasting cooperation

Marketing Manager Diana Huynh said:
"We are really happy to begin our partnership with Team Refuse and strongly believe it will flourish. They are an amazing part of the e-sport community and we are glad to cooperate with them and look forward see them grow on the e-sports arena. Keep up the good work guys!"







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