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Tue 19th Jan 2016 - 9:58pm Team


It has been quite silent around the League of Legends department inside Team Refuse after the announcement 6 months ago. A lot has changed ever since former 1exitus joined Team Refuse, such as becoming the number 1 at the Challenger 5v5 ladder and holding this spot for a bit over 4 months. The team which has been performing outstanding over the past couple of months wanted to make sure they would make an impact in the Challenger Series and therefore the team as well the management decided to make some drastic changed within the line-up as well coaching staff.

To start off with we say goodbye to the brothers   Babak "ChainReact" Hashemipour – and   Behzad "DevilNectar" Hashemipour who have helped to establish the team from the start. However they had a blast with the team we announce that due private reasons they will be departing the League of Legends team and therefore they remain as free agents.

With both of them stepping down we searched for new replacements inside the League of Legends community and tried to find our luck at Reddit. The Reddit thread got upvoted 900 times and we had a massive amount of applications as well good lucks and the best wishes for our team. So after a period of trailing the people we had a high hopes off we came up with the new line-up.

Team Refuse is proud to announce the following line-up for Challenger Series:

  To Be Announced – Head Coach

  Alireza "Gheshy" Aghajanzadeh Gheshlaghy - Top Lane
  Sahin "Zeekeyy" Kibar - Jungle
  Evren "Macrocosm" Kulaoglu - Mid Lane
  Shervin Radin "Radiniom" Mirzalouy - AD Carry
  Emad "Tabalooga" Hakimipour - Support 

  Rick “Rickkyy” Wouda - Substitute

Chief Gaming Officer Chris "Agratah" Hammerum said;
In preparation of the Turkish Challenger Series, Team Refuse decided to increase the strength of the team, by adding new blood to the line-up, as our former jungle and mid lane departed. By doing this we have never felt more ready to anticipate the upcoming qualifiers, as we feel stronger and more motivated than ever. Thanks to our sponsors for the continually support, which is enabling us to go further. Team Refuse likes to thanks Tesoro, EarthCroc, Lenovo, G2A, Gunnar, WTFast, Dombai and last but not least for their amazing support to our organization. We're ready for whatever crosses our path.

Team Refuse's AD Carry Shervin Radin "Radiniom" Mirzalouy said;
On behalf of my current teammates and myself I'd like to welcome our two new brothers to the team. I'm proud and honored to have Macrocosm and Zeekeyy as our fellow teammates. I can see a long bright future with our new roster and we'll prove that we are a force to be recognized! With best of regards, team captain of league division.





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