Team Refuse CSGO at ESL Polish Championship.

Fri 26th Aug 2016 - 10:46am Team eSports

ESL Polish Championship is one of the most prestigious competitions on the Polish CS:GO scene and we are pleased to announce that among the participants is Team Refuse! After a long period of qualifiers in order to be selected the 13 teams which will placed with the the 3 invited, Team Kinguin, Sferis Pride and AGG, has ended. The 4 groups have announced and all teams will fighting for the minimum prize pool of 30000zl, it should be noted that this amount may even increased! Only 1 team from every group will progress to the Grand Finals which will take place at Lodz Atlas Arena.

Team Refuse has drawn at Group D. 

Grupa AGrupa BGrupa CGrupa D
polska Team Kinguin polska Team AGG polska Sferis PRIDE polska Team Refuse
polska WE CAN MORE polska INSHAKER polska VENATOREs polska Klanowa Nazwa Robocza
polska sylloM polska team LUNA polska ex-Imperial Dragons polska Team iNETKOXTV
polska Rak Ronk polska Moral Alliance polska DEEZ NUTS polska HOMEL3SS


Our matches start this Saturday, 27th of August and will be streamed from ESL Polska Twitch : esl_csgo_pl

19:00 polska Team Kinguin – WE CAN MORE polska

20:00 polska Team iNETKOXTV – Team Refuse polska

21:00 polska Rak Ronk – sylloM polska

22:00 polska ex-Imperial Dragons – VENATOREs polska

More detailed info for the ESL Polish Championsip can be found at :

And detailed bracket : Group D Bracket

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