SMK GO Cup Lan Day 1 - Recap

Fri 2nd Feb 2018 - 12:48pm Team General Gaming eSports

With the first day of SMK coming to an end here is the recap from the Team Refuse game against NGA at the Top 8 phase.


Map 1


The series begins with de_Cache and knife round going to Team Refuse. Starting from the T-Side Refuse showed and amazing performance keeping their economy high throughout the first half with constant pressure to their opponents, whom seemed to struggle with multiple eco rounds. The first half ended with 11 - 4 in favor of Team Refuse.


With the second half and Team Refuse on the CT Side. NGA managed to secure the pistol round and with the economy advantage the following round as well. On the 3rd round of the second half NGA showed a promising strategy but one mistake cost it them the round. After that Team Refuse picked 5 rounds. With the first map going to Team Refuse!


Map 2


The second map is de_Mirage and once again the knife round goes to Team Refuse but this time they started with CT side. The pistol round goes to Team Refuse and the economy advantage the manage to pick 2 more rounds. Team Refuse continue with a clear advantage both on strategy and economy and with NGA been forced for multiple eco rounds. After 9 rounds for Team Refuse, NGA manage to get their first round on Mirage and establish their economy. But it will not be enough for NGA since Team Refuse will respond by picking 5 rounds and ace from Haflex! Resulting in a 14 -1 first half for Team Refuse


Starting on the second half, Team Refuse wins the pistol round and they are one round away from winning the series and will easily manage to ending the map with 16 - 1.


With a 2 - 0 against NGA, Team Refuse will continue to the second day of SMK GO Cup at the Top 4!


Stay tuned at our social media for more info regarding day 2. #Refuse2Lose



Konstantinos Stasinos

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