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Fri 22nd Jun 2018 - 11:42am Team General Gaming eSports

The wait is finally over, it's time to present our League of Legends roster that will compete under the Team Refuse banner for the League of Legends Greek Championship!

But before that, we are happy to inform you that Riot Games has officially licensed this tournament and the winner will be able to qualify for the European Masters!

Without further due our roster will consist of :

Top - Theodoros "Bako" Bakogiannis

Jungle - Paschalis "Faithless" Tsifoutakos 

Mid - Kostas "Izaya" Klotsotiras - Facebook

Marksman - Mauro "Gama" Bruno - Twitter

Support - Carlos Aguado "reyzoasda" Mancebo - Facebook , Twitter


Coach - Alexandros "Leviathan" Mamasoulas

Analyst - Jes Stoyanova


Subs :

Top - Ioannhs "Dragneel" Damas - Facebook

Mid - Stavros "Rektless" Tzaneris

Marksman - Lefteris Lazaridis "Tranquil" Kirolivanos - FacebookTwitter Twitch


The team will make it's debut against Outlawz on the 24th of June at 23:00 at LGC’s official twitch channel!

To learn more about the format and the details on how the tournament will run you can visit the official site of LGC




Konstantinos Stasinos

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