Fortnite Roster Announcement - Team Refuse

Sun 23rd Sep 2018 - 4:11pm Gaming Team eSports

The latest months, a very popular game got our attention and that's none other than Fortnite. We are excited to announce you our involvement with the Fortnite competitive scene and present you the latest additions to the Team Refuse roster!


Marios "sLicke" Giannaros from Athens, Greece is one of the three members that joins our organisation, with a 6.08 K/D in Season 5 he is ready to hunt you down and take your loot!

"After years of participation in the competitive e-sports scene in other games. I am honored to represent Team-refuse as a core player and feel confident that through hard work,humility and communication, my team and I will accomplish great things."

Orestis "Shape" Thanasoulis also from Greece with an impressive 7.15 K/D says :

"I started playing fortnite at the beginning of season 3 and I never looked back.
Even though I was sceptical in the beginning,I started falling in love with the fast-paced gameplay and the creativity of the building aspect of the game.
After thousands of games and hundreds of hours put into this game,Im still as eager if not more,to improve and push my limits."

With our main Duo ready, we are also looking for the possibility of a full squad. With that, we would also like to intronduce you, our third player.

Christos "Miltis" Miltiadous, he started playing from pre-season and he is coming with a competitive background, since he was a player for Panathinaikos AC eSports and already has a title under his name. He is also doing Coaching lessons at Kinguin and Gamersensei.


Fortnite is without a doubt one of the biggest eSport games and we believe that this team is a great start to enter it's competitive scene!


Our team will make it's debut at the Digital Expo Fornite tournament at Sunday in Athens, Greece! Stay tuned at our social media for more info.





Konstantinos Stasinos

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