Team Refuse roster unveil for GLL #WeAreBack

Sun 19th May 2019 - 2:03pm Team General Gaming eSports

The wait is finally over, it's time to present our League of Legends roster that will compete under the Team Refuse banner for the Greek League of Legends Championship!

But before that, we are happy to inform you that Greek League of Legends Championship returned home under a new production company and the winner will be able to qualify for the European Masters!


Without further due our roster will consist of :

Top - Ionanis "Cephei" Fakoudis

Jungle - Stayros "Noxus" Ksiarchogiannopoulos 

Mid - Petros "Pepperinos" Mperdempes

Marksman - Raphail "Kryptonite" Kalemkeridis

Support - Argyris "Sanity" Kalathenos


Manager - George "Zira Ross" Ziras


Subs :

George "pawp" Langford

Sechai "Dardan" Enea

Aimilios "Crazyrabb1t" Zekia


The team will make it's debut against Pyrsos on the 19th of May at 21:00 at GLL’s official twitch channel!

To learn more about the format and the details on how the tournament will run you can visit the official site of GLL


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