Team Refuse roster announcement for GLL Summer Split 2020

Fri 22nd May 2020 - 2:58pm General Team eSports

The GLL Summer 2020 starts soon and Team Refuse will be present for another one split aiming to establish our presence in Top4 teams as we did in the last split!

Without further ado, we present to you our players and staff lineup for the GLL regular split: 

We are pleased to welcome Noxus, Vaynedeta, Uloper, and Tsiperakos to Team Refuse as they join with Northenlights, Babayaga, Gjergsen, and DeLuXe, who are already team members from the last split, to fight together on Greek Legends Summer Split 2020. We’re extremely excited to have their talent and skills on our team.

-Stavros “Noxus” Xiarchogiannopoulos

 After participating with our team on Greek Legends Summer Split (GLL) 2019, he joined WeLoveGaming as sub-jungler for GLL Winter split 2019 and he rejoins Team Refuse. He is a really promising young jungler competent in high and low resource champions willing to have a productive split.

-Stavros “Vaynedeta” Giannoulakis

 Vaynedeta is an upcoming talent and he will join Team Refuse as our newest AD Carry. In his Rookie split we hope he meets the requirement of the circumstances and we wish him too “break a leg” in his First appearance on the Greek Scene.

- Arno “Uloper” Schmidt

Arno is a German Support and he will be our second import player for the split and with his experience will defend our botlane with Vaynedeta. Uloper was a member of numerous teams one of them was Turing e-sports who they were placed in 9-12 at Eu Masters 2018 Summer Main Event.

-Vasilis “Tsiperakos” Lalas

He will be sub midlaner due to his obligations with Panhellenic Exams. Tsiperakos will enforce our team’s roster after 24th July.


Full LoL Main Roster:

Toplane: Spiros “NorthenLights” Diavatis

Jungle: Stavros “Noxus” Xiarchogiannopoulos

Midlane: Klemen “Deluxe” Papež

Botlane: Stavros “Vaynedeta” Giannoulakis

Support: Arno “Uloper” Schmidt


Midlane: Vasilis “Tsiperakos Lalas

Jungle: Nikos “Gjergsen Gkergis

Support: Dimos “Babayaga Tsolis


Coaching Staff:

General Manager: Kleanthis “iConquer” Psallis

Head Coach: Vasilis “Bkarv” Karvelas

Analyst / Social Media Manager: Kostas “Po8i” Pothitos


With the roster and management now settled, we will be coming to you with another exciting split at Greek Legends!

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Site Admin

Team Refuse

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